Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pay Pal Scam

Has anyone ever received an email that wasn't intended for them?

I received a Pay Pal Receipt in my email today which was more than a little odd.  I haven't used Pay Pal in maybe eight years, yet this receipt is for a DVD movie I wouldn't like, from a store I've never heard of, and shipped to a person and town I don't know.  Clicking on the various links in the email sends me to a very official looking Pay Pal website, but none of the links imbedded there work, returning a "Page Not Found" error.

Thinking this whole thing curious at best, I accessed Pay Pal from an internet portal page and accessed my long unused account.  There was no account activity, so I'm wondering if this Pay Pal receipt was some kind of scam to gain my account information.

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