Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Holy Spirit Guiding Me

Do you ever get the feeling something just isn't right so you don't do it, or maybe you do something spontaneously out of the ordinary and it turns out really well? It happens to me all the time, and I know its the Holy Spirit guiding and protecting me.

My job is slow now, down to about twelve hours a week, so I've been able to get more bible study (currently Isaiah) than is normal. To briefly paint that picture, looking over my shoulder you would see two or three bibles of different translations open, a dictionary, a concordance, and probably a commentary or two displayed on my computer. It can get a bit hectic and somewhat tiring staying focused while bouncing between all those references.

After a while my mind begins to drift and settles on "The New Covenant", a satisfactory understanding that's been avoiding me for years. I think Chris and I even talked about it briefly a couple of years ago. Being tired my mind starts cracking jokes about imagining God sitting in heaven accepting the fact his first covenant wasn't working at all, and a plan B is needed. (About now reading this He's deciding if I get indoor plumbing or not in my double-wide.)

I close the books, turn off the laptop, and head off to head.  My stage for this story is now set.

After a few minutes its obvious I'm not tired.  I get up, swallow some wonderful, sleep inducing drugs, and turn on my laptop to the Logos bible study software.  Now the software starts messing up being very slow, unresponsive, and repeatedly displaying an error message.  Like an normal person, I start rapidly and randomly clicking my mouse and hammering the Pg Dn or Pg Up keys.  Eventually the softare catches up, only instead of Isaiah, I'm now at Jeremiah 31:31-34, a wonderful explaination of the second covenant.  The Holy Spirit is definitely working here.

This Holy Spirit intervention happens to me frequently, though usually on my motorcycle (avoiding high overpasses in strong, gusty winds) or in interacting with people.  One of the most overwhelming events occured a few years ago when I was taking a break at the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church pavillion.  Taking a break during a ride, I stopped to read and do a little praying.  After an hour or two, the Holy Spirit told me to get back to my ride where my prayer was answered.

Chris, buddy, I still say the bible isn't the only book you need.  *grin*


  1. I think you may have him there! lol I haven't tried that software though I remember making a mental note to try it after the last time you mentioned it. Our church gives us daily reading to do and the pastors write a devotional for each reading. I can't believe how much more I get out of it having their explanation to read afterward. I need more than just THE Book too. ;-)

  2. What's your most difficult passage at this time, Kristy?

  3. We just finished Exodus and let me tell you, it was no easy task getting through all of that. At one point, I'm like, why do I need to know about these curtains, these measurements, etc. It was a challenge to read, but the pastors explanations helped. It gave us a glimpse of Heaven and the people did this for Him because they love Him and want to serve Him.

  4. Yeeeah. You got me. I use commentaries, study bible, and other resources for my studying. I also read books written by Godly men of the past and present. I still say the Bible is all we need, it just helps having the resources that put tough scripture in context and "simple terms". I love studying the bible but hate when I hit a passage that just isn't sitting right, one that I know has much more to it that I am not seeing. That is when these other resources come in handy.

    I thought about you today in a conversation with a fellow at work. He goes to a charismatic assembly of God church in Canton, and we talk about scripture and what not often on breaks. Well I asked him he to read a few books I recommend, one being by Charles Stanley. He commented he stays away from his stuff because he is so adamantly against speaking in tongues. You know I had to say how I share the exact same view on that issue, but at least he is a good guy and heard me out as I do him, so maybe will build something from it. Who knows how the Holy Spirit will guide us, right?

    Hope all is well, sorry I haven't blogged in two months, I do have two ready to go, I just have to get Kristy and me to make time to type it up. I am planning on doing a few on the apostasy of "liberal theology". Things like the death penalty and what the bible says, tattoos, is there a devil and hell, and other such topics. The tattoo and death penalty are done, just gotta make sure they represent Gods word truthfully and completely, for that's all that matters.

    Be well

  5. Oh yeah, I commented as Kristy. ooops.