Monday, June 14, 2010

Worm Alert

Did you get an email titled, "Really cheap Viagra. area inaugural slipped Glock" from "Or"?  Seems my Outlook has been invaded by a worm sending Viagra advertisements, with a Russian URL link, out through my computer.

There are a variety of problems here.  The first is spamming friends and those that I have working relations with.  Then there's ensuring with a high degree of confidence.this is not a continuing problem.

The bright side is that Facebook friends will enjoy my discomfort for a few hours.  That, and I'm grateful the rogue email wasn't suggesting breast enhancement since most people who read this blog are gals.

Years ago worms were a big problem for emails so I created in my Outlook email a bogus contact called Worm (first name) Alert (last name) with my email address.  Then if I ever received an email with this name I knew someone besides me was accessing my contact on Outlook.

I hope no one is badly annoyed by this while I get it fixed.


  1. Clever idea. I don't use Outlook but still get offers of assorted enlargements and enhancements in my emails. I think they're coming from societal worms.

  2. Well, as we both now know I was afflicted recently. I wish I'd have had access to this idea before last week!! Great one.