Thursday, January 6, 2011

It Has A Name; Collaberative Consumption

As so frequently happens when I post a video, my mind does hand springs about its content.  The following is just another example.  While I'm both intrigued and involved in this gal's economic ideas, there's a hidden agenda lurking in my mind to promote the website in general.

It was only after viewing this video that I realized the extent of the economic and sociological effects on us.  I've seen this so often lately, but never until now connected the dots.  Austin has the yellow bicycle program, Stephanie and one of her friends are sharing home schooling aids, there's website where I can loan/rent my power washer (guys know machines need to be used to stay in good condition), and the list goes on.

Most importantly, this post is a plug for, with its intelligent, articulate speakers talking on a variety of subjects for only a limited amount of time.

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