Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Grumpy Old Man Seeks Ann-Margret

Perhaps not grumpy yet, but there have been moments.  And, my youthful thoughts of dedicating my retirement to wine and women in thongs just isn't working out.  Not having a job is affecting me more than I imagined, though unemployed/under-employed is the nature of writing military technical manuals.  I've certainly enough interests (photography, music, motorcycle/bicycle, guns, bible study) to keep me busy, but the continuous motivation is difficult to maintain.

A recent discovery has helped.  It seems that several universities (Yale, Princeton, and others) and educational websites (TED) offer free entry level, college lectures and symposiums .  These have sparked my imagination and hopefully maintaining my mental agility above the level of bingo.

It's going ot be interesting to see how this plays out.


  1. The university lectures sound fantastic. what types of courses are there? I'm currently looking into something similar. I've heard that "seniors" (have to check on the age on that) are offered free university courses here. Perhaps it's time to take courses that interest me rather than the ones I was forced to take in order to complete my degree. By the way, thongs aren't all they're "cracked up" to be.

  2. These lectures aren't for credit, Hilde, but that's a thought through U. of Texas here. My first two, through Yale, are studying the Tanakh and Listening to Music. There are so many out there if you google "free lectures">