Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kids Books

I was just reading about Kellen on Stephanie's blog when i remembered one of my stories that started with him a few months back. When I kill time chasing internet rabbit trails I usually start for a know URL. This one night I was on Kellen's and ending up some kids learning or encyclopea site. It was interesting, but what really caught my eye was the rave reivews a certain book publisher had received. With my curiosity whetted, I checked this out on Amazon and found three titles that I had been wanted to revisit; "Taming of the Shrew", "Tom Sawyer", and "Treasure Island". Ten bucks a pop seemed a bit steep for classics, but what the hell. Anyway, a few days later they arrived....probably the finest quality comic books I've ever seen. I hope the 10y/o kid of a friend at work is enjoying them. I really do have to stop internet shopping after midnight.

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