Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cell Phones - Really a Media Entertainment Center

My thought processes really zig-zag here, so I hope you can keep up.  While I'm talking about my phone a lot, this is really about technology.

An article over the internet inspired this thought, a foreign language teacher incorporating cell phones into her class room assignments, sending them assignments in Spanish to their phones.  That's pretty cool when you consider all the attention lately being given to kids sending inappropriate pictures and sexting.  If you don't know what sexting is and you have kids, I'd suggest getting smart on this real fast.

I'm on my fourth phone now after getting a Blackberry Tour a few months ago.  The BB was an impulsive purchase since I left the house to get a replacement battery for my two year old Sanyo flip-phone.  Yeah, I love this thing and I may start using it as a phone one day soon.

The GPS navigator has gotten me out of some tough spots three times now.  Each time I found (lost myself is a better phrase) myself without a clue where I was, I activated the navigator, spoke where I wanted to go, and had a map with turn-by-turn directions to my destination within seconds. 

The camera is pretty good especially eliminating taking notes about something I've found on store shelves.

The media player works really well for listening to my favorite CDs by Carole King, Point of Grace, Amy Grant, SRV, audio bible and George Strait.  Oh yeah, and You Tube works great.

Something bears repeating here.  If you were following my Facebook comments with either Hilde or Cher and you noticed I mentioned You Tube to see how easy deep fried turkey is to do, there's a video with some guy using a step ladder.  Let me say that if you think you need a step ladder to deep fry turkeys, you have no business messing with hot oil over a propane burner.

I haven't yet figured out how many books this thing will hold, but I'm reading Freakonomics on my phone now.  This makes resisting the Kindle pretty easy.  BTW, if you haven't heard of Freakonomics, its seems to be about (I dislike this outdated term.) "thinking outside the box".  My favorite story (not in this book) about this involved a university who hired an architect to build a new building.  When the building was finished, but no sidewalks were installed, he left.  After a year, he came back, saw where the grass was worn away by foot traffic and that's where he put the sidewalks.

Finally, but not least, is its connectivity to Facebook and Yahoo IM.  This is pretty neat though I'm puzzled why folks text when just calling seems so much easier.  Come on...who uses all of their phone minutes anyway.

Perhaps waxing sentimental, but I can't help thinking back to the first personal computer I used, an Altair 4000.  The link is to a 8000 because I couldn't find one for the 4000.

It's going to be fun seeing what's around the next corner.

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