Thursday, December 13, 2012

Three Teachers

Stephanie gave me a deja vue moment just now with her Facebook post about stringing popcorn and cranberries, something I have done since 5th grade.  That's almost 50 years ago if you're counting.

Reading her post I relived the same experience in Sister Mary Theodore's 5th grade class at Sacred Heart Catholic school in Waterloo, Iowa.  This was the same lady who pushed my male classmates and me into polka dancing with girls.  You can imagine how awful it was until I kissed my first girl that year, then it wasn't so bad.  If only Sister Theodore knew she jumped started me into liking girls.

Another memorable teacher was Mr. Blackman, the assistant principal at Roosevelt High School in Des Moines, Iowa.  While he was technically not a teacher, but we managed some quality time together at least one morning a week to discuss my more creative thought processes and actions.  He thought so much of me that six weeks before graduation he arranged that I come back the next year to continue our relationship.

Finally, there is my high school sophomore math teacher whose name I've forgotten.  I can still see his face, though.  I struggled through that class, and I wish I could tell him how well he taught.  You see, when I was 20 years old and struggling with formulas in an electronics book I had an amazing experience.  Suddenly I had this rush of images in my mind much like shuffling a deck of cards, the images of him and his chalk board work.  It only took five years, but I remembered and finally understood what he was talking about.

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  1. It's an amazing thing how teachers can impact our lives, even if it takes years for us to see it. That has to be a tough job, being a teacher.